NMC takes care of all your crane work, large or small,
always from A to Z!

Both for individuals and for companies.

We are happy to provide you with a free quote!

Let our crane do the heavy lifting!

We are happy to handle all your loads.

Every assignment is different, we know that from experience.

Lifting a swimming pool over a house, pushing goods through a window or narrow passage or delivering heavy loads in difficult places, all require a specific approach.

Do you have a seemingly impossible assignment of your own?
Contact us and we will look for a solution together with you!

Accurate millimeter work

Despite the usually heavy loads, every job often involves millimeter work. At NMC crane works we have plenty of experience to bring all works, large or small, to a perfect end.

Satisfied customers are still our best reference.

Some practical matters:

  • Our crane truck has a total weight of 30T without load, so make sure you have a sufficiently stable surface.
  • We need at least 10m to set up our crane truck, which is about 4 consecutive parking spaces.
  • For very heavy loads we need to be able to extend the side legs of the crane truck. 1 fully extended side is 4m wide.
  • For 100% lifting capacity, both sides must be fully extended.

Technical specifications

Download  the technical specifications of our winch and our crane.

Lifting curves Winch
with JIB

Lifting curves Winch
without JIB

Lifting curves Crane
with JIB

Lifting curves Crane
without JIB

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